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Friday 14 June 2013

Vital Weekly review Paranoid Motives 2

Long-running and much-respected webzine, Vital Weekly, have reviewed our last release, Paranoid Motives 2. Here's what they had to say:

"Paranoid Motives 2 is the fifteenth edition of Paranoid Foundation from England and is played by a group of musicians around Cris Lee. He worked three years on this album. Previously, he worked on projects such as Paranoid City, Paranoid 404, Entity and Paranoid Paranoid Motives. Rory Kettles is responsible for drums and percussion in this album and Ferhun Kahraman for sensitive piano tunes. Paranoid Motives 2 takes you into the dark world in which different musical landscapes support a monotonous narrative voice. In this sense it is a nice sequel to the albums like “Threads” and “Close Down.” The music is hypnotic by the slow narrative voice that keeps coming up and you want to take in his stream of thoughts. But suddenly the song ends and another tone and timbre begins that you puts on another leg. However, the voice remains the same, regardless of how the melancholic music is colored. One minute piano parties prevail, then seeking a bass and guitar parts with a lot of echo or raised punky guitar riffs backed with noisy synth. The music is usually played with a lot of echo and delay, giving the music a spatial character, but also at a distance, because the voice is clear and in the foreground. The strength of the CD is in the psychedelic effect that the voice and echo know to call. A paranoid atmosphere is definitely in the music, the unrest is palpable, but also the melancholy caused when you feel that humanity turns against you. (JKH)"

The link to the Vital Weekly page is HERE.