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Monday, 11 May 2009


Being a proudly underground act and producing music of a dark and uncommercial nature is unlikely to endear us to a vast fanbase and score us high on the hit parade, but we have been selling a consistent quantity of CDs/downloads each month. However, eclipsing all other sales is one track in particular.

'Disturbed' is the 4th track on our 3rd PF album 'the Music of Chance'. I happen to think it's a pretty solid effort on that particular album, but then it sits nicely with all the other material on there. For some reason though it is our top seller by quite some margin. We have no idea why, but suspect it's getting some heavy rotation out there on an internet radio station?! Care to enlighten us?

In any case it's great to know that people are checking out are tracks, and interesting that tunes are being played in isolation. We generally sequence albums together to be taken in as a whole so we were a bit surprised. But, hey it's all good.

Btw, the thought entered my head that the keen downloaders out there might be confusing our track with someone else's, but a quick itunes search only threw up 2 other tunes entitled 'disturbed'... one by Peter Gabriel and the other by the Sugababes. Any fans of either purchasing our track by mistake might quite possibly be very disturbed indeed! Yes please...

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