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Monday, 26 September 2011

Another great review for City Paranoid's 'Closedown' courtesy of Dj Astro at Finland's Psychotropic Zone e-zine:

Okay, some more hallucinatory, ice-cold ambient aural tapestry from Paranoid Foundation’s Crispin Lee from London. As you can maybe conclude from the title of this 26-minute 11-tracker, Lee indicates that this is his last disc under the City Paranoid name and the guy is now going to focus on the more collective Paranoid Foundation project again. As usual, Lee tells his dark stories over the psychedelic and very experimental sonic landscape created with manipulated field recordings and acoustic and electronic sound sources in his cool as a cucumber, minimal and motionless style, and there’s no rhythm or melody to be found. Well, maybe there is a bit of melody on the final track “When We Wake” that is also in other ways somewhat different from the otherwise quite similar, short tracks. The atmosphere is very dark, bleak and forlorn, but I still (or just because of it) find myself enjoying the ride.

Link to the the original review HERE

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