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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Recession Era

It's podcast time, and for the month of July, we have another of my solo pieces. This one is entitled 'Recession Era' and the concept is to portray the mood of the current economic downturn and its social consequences via a 30 minute audio piece. Like the rest of the series, you can download it/listen for free.

To create the music, I used only a selection of instruments and audio devices that were lying unused around my home. Most of them were budget, lo-fi instruments chosen to give the desired gritty sound I was looking for. They included... electric guitar, harmonium, viola, theremin, drum machine and buddha machine. The piece was created and mixed in a single session and is thus full of glitches, errors and suchlike that I feel give character and are in keeping with the general theme of recession and the need for audio thriftyness!

See what you think by listening... HERE.

You can also subscribe to the series in iTunes - just search for Paranoid Podcast in the iTunes store.

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